The Importance of Paid Advertising for Digital Marketing in 2014

PPC has always been a crucial part of online success, but SEO often manages to push it to the backseat. Not counting the man hours, SEO is essentially free; why pay for visibility on the SERPs? This year, it will become apparent why a PPC campaign is vital to your overall strategy.


Reasons Behind the Shift

There are many factors driving businesses and marketers to include paid search in their campaigns:

  • Concerns with Analytics Data
    The ‘not provided’ blackout has planted a seed of doubt into how much data we can count on from Google. Adwords clients don’t have to deal with this issue. When linked to Google Webmaster Tools, an Adwords account can display a wide variety of organic keyword data. This in itself serves as a very attractive incentive for businesses to move their marketing funds to paid search advertising in 2014.
  • Economic Confidence
    Budget cuts were an inevitable result of a down-trending economy, and PPC was often left out of the marketing plan. But economistsforecast a slightly improved financial outlook in 2014, giving marketers the confidence to invest more in PPC. A study conducted by Hanapin Marketing shows how this cautious confidence is spreading to various businesses. 72% of the companies surveyed said they plan to spend more on PPC marketing in 2014, up from the 70% who increase their budgets last year.
  • Immunity to Algorithm Updates
    Often, marketers have to stay on top of the latest changes that might affect their search engine strategies. But paid search continues to drive traffic no matter what Google throws at (or takes from) you.
  • Quick Results
    SEO campaigns require a considerable amount of patience. New content can take a long time to appear on the SERPs. After the waiting, you then have to spend time promoting it and acquiring links and shares to push it up the rankings. Even then, the page isn’t guaranteed to maintain its position. PPC ads bring quick and sustainable results.

Pay Per Click in 2014

The services on offer in 2014 will be more appealing to businesses than ever.

  • Ads for Mobile
    It’s clear that mobile internet is well on its way to global domination. In 2014, it is predicted that half of Google searches will be from a mobile device. In fact, mobile clicks account for one third of all paid clicks.
  • Banner Ads for Brands
    Reneging on a promise they made in 2005 to never (ever) offer them, huge banner ads have started taking up large portions of a SERP, which direct users to the brand’s website. They are just in the test phase at the moment, with around 30 brands using the banner, but expect a wide rollout this year.



Make sure you get the most of your PPC ads this year by implementing a few updates and adjustments to your campaigns.

  • Ad Extensions
    As an increasing number of people favour tablets, smart-phones, and other mobile devices, local search will become even more crucial. Consumers are more likely to search for ‘nearest clothing shops’ or ‘best restaurants’ while they’re out and about rather than when they’re in the office or at home. This is where call and location extensions come in. These features give users the ability to call you or get directions to your shop/office by just clicking on a link.
    This will not only direct more customers to your bricks and mortar shop, but also improve your ad position. Ad Rank now factors in extension click-through rates together with CPC bid and quality score.
  • Call Tracking
    Many marketers use paid ads that lead to calls, but they’re not quite sure which keywords or campaigns are bringing in these calls. Solve this problem with the help of call tracking. This easy-to-install and budget-friendly software helps you accurately track where your revenue comes from and optimise your campaigns accordingly.
  • Reviews
    Publishing good reviews from happy and satisfied customers is among the best ways to bring in more clients. Encourage your customers to give their feedback on independent website like In return, Google star seller ratings will appear next to your paid ads. These types of ads often get higher click-through rates than ordinary ads.
  • Negative Keywords
    Another great way to improve ROI on paid ads this year is to constantly update your negative keyword strategy. This will help you make sure ads are not triggered by undesirable key terms and irrelevant clicks.
  • Ad Scheduling
    The performance of your ads often varies depending on the day of the week and the hour of the day it appears on search results. If you haven’t yet checked this data, make sure you review it this year to see which days and hours you get the most AdWords traffic. Then, think about how you can improve your ad positions during these times.

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