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In days past, when people needed to find a product or service, they’d turn to the telephone directory. The telephone directory would list all of the businesses that offered the products of services that people were looking for, as well as their contact information. People could then call the business of their choice to get quotes on prices or to set up appointments to visit the store. Nowadays, this process can move much faster. Thanks to the internet, people can run searches for the products and services they want and come up with thousands of results. They can even narrow their searches to include only businesses that offer the specific product they need, down to a brand name and product code. The internet is the new telephone directory – is your business website listed?

Through the internet, people can find the information they want with a simple search. Making sure that your business is part of the results of that search is crucial. You want to make sure that it’s clear what your website is all about so that it comes up in as many relevant searches as possible. You want to get as much exposure as you can. The internet is the new telephone directory – is your business website listed?

You don’t just want to be a part of the search results, either. You want to rank as closely to the top of those search results as possible. People generally won’t click on every single one of the millions of results they’ll get for any given search; they’ll probably only sift through the first few pages until they find a site they like. This is why you want to make sure that your site practices good SEO, or search engine optimization. The internet is the new telephone directory – is your business website listed at the top?

Back in the day, businesses also used telephone directories as a place to advertise. If you paid more you could run ads in the directories instead of just having your business name and phone number listed. These ads were much more visible, making it more likely that people would choose businesses that advertised. The internet uses the same principle. You can advertise on search engines by paying a little more to make your business a sponsored link. You’ll be closer to the front page of the search results. The internet is the new telephone directory – is your business listed visibly? If it is, you’ll see an increase to your business

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