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Every business has a logo, but not every business has a GREAT logo. Your logo does not dictate the success of your organization. It can, however, help contribute to your company’s prosperity. A great logo will make your business appear more reputable, communicating the legitimacy of your business which reassures your clients that you are credible professionals. Beyond credibility, the right logo will also speak to the nature of your business and help clients identify with your company. Creating the perfect logo, which communicates clearly to your consumers, should be done through a collaborative effort between the client and the designer. For instance, when entering the creative process with one of our designers, it is imperative for the designer to have a comprehensive understanding about your business. This would never be limited to a shallow Google search. It is important to sit down, one on one, and talk about your company; and yourself for that matter. Before this conversation happens however, it would be extremely beneficial, for both parties, if YOU take the time to do a little business introspection. Ask yourself some important questions that apply to your business. Answer them accurately and honestly. The following questions are suggestions from our design team for you to consider while preparing to begin the process.

1. Why do you want a logo and what do you want it to accomplish?

This question is obvious if you have just started a new business and do not currently have a logo. However, if you do have a logo, it is important to understand why an update or change is necessary. Are you wanting to change your logo based on a poor return from your market, or do you simply feel it is time for a change? If you are finding that your clients are confused by or not receptive to your logo, then an update may be in order. If you want a new logo for the sake of change, then it might be wise to defer to your designer’s judgement. Our designers gladly offer our clients their professional opinion about the visual strength and integrity of our clients logos. A designer may see an obvious flaw and agree that a change is in order or it may be determined that your logo is strong and communicating your message. In this case, it may be more worthwhile for you to work with your current logo and reevaluate the needs of your company.

2. How would you define your company?

Now it’s time to get down to business. Draft a comprehensive rundown about who you are as an organization. This should be more than a simple outline of what you do and how you make money. Although that information is important to talk about, the designer is going to want to know more about the inner workings of your company as well. Along with your business goals, our designers want to know about the culture, and values of your organization. Are you charitable? Do you play office games? Do you shoot hoops after lunch, like us? Understanding and becoming familiar with these characteristics of your company are important for the designer, helping them to provide a product that is tailored not only to your needs but that also exudes the personality that is unique to your company. Give the designer a look into the inner operations of your company and the ecology that helps it to thrive. By taking the time to introduce our designer to the character of your company, you are helping us shape your logo and brand.

3. What is your Unique Selling Point (USP)?

Think about your competitors. What makes you a stronger choice, the better choice? What sets you apart? Discuss the unique features or services you offer. Discovering your business’s USP may help the designer understand the unique approach they may want to take when designing your logo. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should expect to see the particular feature(s) literally portrayed in the logo. LOGOS ARE NOT MEANT TO BE ENTIRELY LITERAL. However, outlining the unique facets of your organization will help our designers get a more focused understanding of your company, helping us become aware of what you feel the most important features are when helping represent your company.

4. Brand Positioning

Brand positioning can be an area of discussion for many companies that takes time, conversation, and serious introspection in order to attain a true and realistic conclusion. From YOUR standpoint, as the client, this can be tough. Making a true assessment of your company’s current position takes honesty with yourself about your organization, the products and/or services it offers, as well as the desired perception of your company by consumers in your target market. Positioning refers to how you want your brand to fit into your consumers’ perspective and essentially how you want your customers to feel about your brand. It is very important to consider the emotion you want your brand to convey, while also understanding where your company fits into your market. Think about how you want your logo to be perceived in the mind of your target consumers. Should you be considered fancy, classy, high-end, or appear more cost effective, efficient, or down to earth. This is where YOU must be honest with yourself, your organization, and our designers about the type and quality of services and products you provide/offer.

We hope the few tips that we have offered here help you as you consider your company’s options for logos and rebranding. Now that you have taken the time to learn about the beginning steps of our creative process, you should have a better idea of the quality partnership that Demon design team offers when creating the perfect logo for your company. For more information on logos and rebranding, contact us and make us a part of your company’s evolution

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